Peskeompskut Audio Tour launched along the Unity Park bikepath.

Peskeompskut Audio Tour
A Project of RiverCulture:

Unity Park Bike Path, Turners Falls

Funded with an Expand Massachusetts Stories Grant from Mass Humanities, The Peskeompskut Audio Tour explores the nuanced local history of Peskeompskut, an important Native American settlement sieged in 1676 during King Philip’s War. The goal of this project is to ignite interest in Indigenous, Colonial and Industrial Era history and to honor the continuance the Nipmuc, Wampanoag and Abenaki people. Story topics range from ancient Indigenous history to the 19th Century Industrial Era.

To connect to a story, simply scan one of the tour’s QR codes located on posts along the bike path. You will be directed to the audio file that coordinates with that point. Of click this link: Suzanne LoManto, Director of RiverCulture, would like to thank co-chair David Brule of the Nolumbeka Project, Rebecca Chase and Dan Bovair of Audri.Life, Mass Humanities, DCR and FirstLight Power for their partnership. Special thanks to storytellers Rich Holschuh, Doug Harris, Liz Coldwind Santana Kiser, Kit Carpenter, Robert Perry, Ed Gregory, Chris Clawson, Dr. Kevin McBride, Dr. Ashley Bissonette. Music for the Peskeompskut Audio Tour was kindly donated by Hawk Henries, Kenny Butler, and Jesse Bowman Bruchac.