Montague-Gill Council of Aging is Awarded Grant to Enhance Digital Literacy for Older Adults

MONTAGUE - The Montague-Gill Council of Aging is among the 24 Councils on Aging (COAs) across the State to be awarded an Enhancing Digital Literacy for Older Adults Grant through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Thanks to this $22,000 grant, the Montague-Gill Council of Aging will be able to purchase 12 laptops, 3 computers, and provide in-person digital literacy training and support for area seniors.

According to Roberta Potter, Montague-Gill COA Director, “This program intersects nicely with the several areas involving communication and information that were discussed during the first phase of the Montague’s Mass in Motion (MMIM) Age Friendly Planning Project.”

According to Montague’s Town Planner, Maureen Pollock “this program is a great way to offer seniors additional ways to gain increased access to technology and the resources to learn how to use it.”

The Town of Montague is finalizing details now but hopes to hire the MMIM Coordinator Colleen Doherty to teach the trainings starting early in 2024. Wendy Bogusz, who serves as the Town’s IT Coordinator, will assist with purchasing of the equipment.