Do Your Part - Recycle Smart!

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has launched a statewide recycling education initiative (Recycle Smart MA) to reduce contamination in recycling. Residents are asked to "do your part and recycle smart."

The Springfield MRF (materials recovery facility) is where Montague's recyclables go to be sorted, then baled, shredded, crushed, compacted, or otherwise prepared for shipment to market for re-use. Visit the MRF's website to learn more about what's recyclable (and what's not!), and watch a short video showing the fascinating sorting process at the MRF.

The MRF also has a helpful guide for identifying the proper recycling or disposal method for many common household items: "What do I do with..."

Visit MassDEP’s RecycleSmart campaign website to learn more about recycling in the Commonwealth: RecycleSmart