CSO/SSO Reports and Files (45 files)

Montague's CSO outfalls are located along the Connecticut River, adjacent to Power Street (downstream of the Turners Falls Dam) and Greenfield Road (below the Poplar Street put-in) in Turners Falls. CSO events may impact these area and any areas downstream as deicted in the mas above.

CSO overflows include stormwater that include, or likely include, some quantity of untreated or partially treated sewage and waste.

Precautionary measures to be taken by the public following a CSO discharge event:

Avoid contact with these water bodies for 48 hours after the discharge or overflow ceases due to increased health risks from bacteria and other pollutants. See above for more information on whether specific resource areas, such as bathing beaches, are affected.

Report of Recent CSO Events:

03/24/2024 CSO Event at the Greenfield Road (MON001) Duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes beginning at 06:45PM with released quantity estimated volume of 8,201 gallons. Water body affected: Connecticut River.

03/07/2024 PARTIALLY TREATED discharge through wastewater facility's final effluent outfall (CWF001.)Duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes beggining at 02:20AM, ending at 03:40AM with released quantity estimated volume of 12,000 gallons. Water body affected: Connecticut River. (CL)


Note: Immediate public notifications present the three-year average discharge associated with each of our three CSO regulators, as in the table below. Because these represent historical averages, they may over- or under-state the quantity released for any given event. Amended values are presented in the CSO Event Log, which appears in the file module, further below. Those values are as follow:

Montague 3yr CSO Overflow Average per Incident 

2020 - 2022 (gallons)







Previous Monthly CSO Reports and Discharge Data Appear in Reports Provided Below