Narcotics Division

The narcotics division of the Montague Police Department had an informal start by regular patrolman conducting small investigations. During the tenure of Chief Mike Saharceski in 1986-1987, Sergeant Don Wysocki of the Montague Police Department worked with the DEA and conducted area investigations. After Sergeant Wysocki became patrol Sergeant, Chief Saharceski appointed Sergeant Patrick O’Bryan to conduct the drug investigations.

During the late seventies and mid-late eighties, crack cocaine along with heroin became a major problem in the town of Montague. Observing the drug problem as an increasing problem in the community, Sergeant O’Bryan and Officer John Newton (then a member of the Deerfield Police Department) drafted and applied for federal money to start a regional Drug Task Force in 1986-1987. This was the birth of the Hampshire/Franklin County Gang/Narcotics Task Force. Some of the Officers that were members of the original task force members were Dana Johnson (Shelburne PD), Gary Sibilia (Ashfield PD), and Peter Skerritt (Greenfield PD).

Sergeant Patrick O’Bryan was appointed police Chief of Montague in January of 1992 after the retirement of Chief Mike Saharceski. After O’Bryan’s appointment Paul Wasielewski was appointed Detective and served as the narcotics investigator. From 1992-1993 Detective Wasielewski and Sergeant Andy Carson performed numerous investigations that resulted in illegal drug and money seizures. Sergeant Carson retired around 1998 and Detective Wasielewski continued the narcotics investigations until his retirement in the fall of 2003.

After Detective Wasielewski retired, Officer Lee Laster was appointed to the position of Narcotics Detective in January 2004. Detective Laster continues to work in this capacity and has conducted countless search warrants that included seizures of many illegal drugs and money. Presently Detective Laster works with other members that comprise the Hampshire/Franklin County Gang/Narcotics Task Force.

Officer John Dempsey was appointed as the Narcotics Detective in November of 2013 due to the promotion of Detective Laster to Sergeant. Sgt Laster will work with Detective Dempsey to continue these investigations. Det Dempsey has also joined forces with the newly formed Anti-Crime Task Force, which was started by the DA's Office. Detective Dempsey has been attending many Investigative Courses to assist with carrying out his duties.

Updated April 2014