Zoning Bylaw Update Project



Questions and Comments about the Zoning Bylaw Update can be directed to the Planning and Conservation Office: 413 863 3200x 207 or planner@montague-ma.gov.


Montague adopted zoning regulations in 1970 and the bylaws have since been amended and adjusted on a limited and incremental basis. As a result, the current Zoning Bylaw is outdated and not entirely consistent with the state’s Zoning Act, as well as some established sound planning principles. Town officials agree that the current zoning document is poorly organized and is difficult to administer, which could leave the town open to possible legal challenges. Montague’s Planning Board and Planning Department recognize the zoning document is in need of an update, and proposes to revamp the zoning regulations over the next year.

To begin the effort, the Planning Board directed the Town Planner to conduct a comprehensive zoning review and produced this document to provide guidance to the Planning Board on possible revisions and amendments to the town’s zoning bylaw. The primary goal of the review was to look for inconsistencies with the state Zoning Act (M.G.L. Chapter 40A) and identify sections of the Bylaw that require clarification or reorganization. The review also provides recommendations on how to incorporate smart growth and sustainability principles into Montague’s zoning bylaw. In anticipation of an overhaul, in 2017 the Franklin Regional Council Governments was subcontracted by the Planning Department to draft new sections of the bylaw pertaining to Open Space Residential Design, Planned Unit Developments, and Special Permit Procedures.

This page serves as clearinghouse for information pertaining to the proposed zoning overhaul.

Video Recording of 11/27/18 Public Hearing #1

Video Recording of 12/18/18 Public Hearing #2

Video Recording of 7/18/18 Public Information Session hosted by the Planning and Conservation Department

Zoning Bylaw Overhaul Information

Name Uploaded Date
   Montague Zoning Rewrite Town Meeting Guide.pdf 2019-01-24 09:33:18
   ZC 2018 02 Planning Board Reccomendation.pdf 2019-01-24 09:40:00
   Zoning Public Info Session Presentation.pdf 2018-07-19 13:47:33
   Zoning Informational Handout.pdf 2018-09-26 14:29:46