2020 Downtown Livability Plan Update Report

Released for public use

Why Is it Time for a Check-In?
In 2013, The Montague Select Board adopted the Turners Falls Livability Plan which set a vision in motion for how the Town intends to develop downtown Turners Falls.
Due to its robust community engagement and tailored vision, the Massachusetts Chapter of American Planning Association awarded the plan the Outstanding Planning Project of 2013. The community has implemented many objectives identified in the plan including creation of the skatepark, revitalization of the Shea Theater, streetscape enhancements, and improved infrastructure, however much remains to be done and new opportunities have emerged over the last 7 years.

How it Worked.
The agenda for the day-long event was designed by the Planning Department with the following goals in mind: To 1.) Recap accomplishments; 2.) Review upcoming building projects and emerging priorities; 3.) Host a forum for thought-provoking public conversation; and 4.) Brainstorm ideas for important sites in Turners Falls.

On February 1, 2020 the Planning Department and members of the 2013 Livability Plan Advisory Committee hosted “Where Do We Grow from Here?” a day-long event at the Great Falls Discovery Center. The event was open to the public and attended by Town officials and over 80 residents and downtown stakeholders. The program format was multi-faceted and included a power point presentation by the Town Planner, a facilitated panel discussion, and break-out sessions aimed to brainstorm three strategically important priorities for Turners Falls. Additionally, the Planning Department hosted a “youth voice” event at the Brick House Resource Center with downtown teenagers aged 12-17.

“Where Do We Grow From Here?” was recorded by Montague Community Television and is available through their website: https://montaguetv.org/

How to Use this Report.
This document is meant to supplement the 2013 Downtown Livability Plan as a reference for public policy decisions affecting downtown, and a tool for those interested in investing and improving Turners Falls.

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