Planning for the Future of Education in Montague

Resident sought to serve on the Six Town Regionalization Planning Group - Apply by May 10

The Six Town Regionalization Planning Board (STRPB) was formed under the provisions of Chapter 71, Section 14A and 14B whereby, two or more towns may join together to form a Regional School District Planning Board. The STRPB is comprised of 18 members (3 from each Town), representing the towns of Bernardston, Gill, Leyden, Montague, Northfield, and Warwick. Its purpose is to study the fiscal and educational advisability of establishing a new Regional School District. Once the STRPB finishes its comprehensive study, which will likely be a two to three-year process, it will make recommendations for all six towns to consider.

The underlying task of the board's study is to explore potential opportunities to expand present learning activities and project learning designs, by offering a robust curriculum for all High School and Middle School students attending the Pioneer Valley Regional School District (PVRSD) and the Gill-Montague Regional School District(GMRSD) in a manner that is both affordable and sustainable. For more information on the work of the group please visit

The Montague Selectboard appoints two members to the STRPB (the other is appointed by the GMRSD School Committee). One of the Montague-appointed members will be resigning at the end of this current term, creating a vacancy effective July 1, 2023. Letters of interest can be submitted care of Town Administrator, Steve Ellis, at and will be accepted through Wednesday, May 10th.