Montague Joins Statewide Effort To Improve Internet Access

Between June 20-27, Montague residents are strongly encouraged to conduct internet speed tests.

Montague, MA - Montague will participate in a 30-day process (June 20 - July 20) to collect and report accurate information about available internet access in the town, as well as its speed and reliability. We need your help gathering evidence of issues with internet service!

Between June 20 and July 20, Montague residents are strongly encouraged to conduct multiple speed tests at different times of day through a special portal ( to make sure FCC internet maps are correct and accurately mark unserved and underserved locations.

All residents should take this speed test, but in particular, if your property is listed as “Served” in the Massachusetts Broadband Map, please test your internet speeds!

Step 1: Visit and click on the button to access the map. Then enter your home address.

Step 2: Select take a Speed Test under the Service Challenges window in the bottom left corner of the screen to complete the speed test.

Step 3: Complete the speed test and enter your personal information, if prompted. Check your inbox for reminders to take two additional required speed tests if applicable.

See the Town’s website for additional instructions, including a guide to taking a speed test.

Members of the community without access to the internet are encouraged to go to a location (such as the Montague Public Libraries) where they might use a computer terminal to view the map and/or submit evidence.

The Massachusetts Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program Challenge Process is a statewide effort to improve the accuracy of existing internet accessibility maps (created by internet service providers) and to ensure that state and federal investments in broadband infrastructure address internet access needs as experienced by users.

For more information about the BEAD Challenge Process, please visit: /files/BEAD_Challenge_Process-Internet_for_All.pdf