Current Planning Department Projects

Comprehensive Plan: The Town of Montague is updating its Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a community's general "blueprint" for its future, guiding regulatory changes, land use policies, budgeting decisions, and the rest of the community decision making. It can help to direct decision making on the community's long-term physical development over a period of decades or even generations. Montague's Comprehensive Plan aims to address its future through recommendations regarding land use, housing, economic development, natural & cultural resources, climate change & resiliency, parks & open space, community services & facilities/utilities, transportation, and implementation of the Plan.

Digital Equity Plan: The Town of Montague seeks to understand how our community can best ensure that all its residents have fair and equal access to digital technologies–including the internet, computers, and mobile phones–as well as the skills and knowledge to effectively use them. Together, we will explore how we can work together to outline a path for closing the digital divide and achieve digital equity.

Montague City Village Center Study: The Town of Montague is exploring potenial land uses and activities for the former Farren Care Center, a 7.3-acre site, located at 340 Montague City Road, as well as, seeing how it may fit in with the surrounding neighborhood and its connections, be it by foot, bicycle, wheelchair, FRTA bus, or car. The study also includes a residential and commercial market feasibility study.

MVP 2.0: In 2018, the Town of Montague created a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Plan to build resilience to climate change. Under a new MVP 2.0 Program, this plan is being updated in order to build on the work that has done to date, fills gaps from the previous plan, and supports the Town with new processes, tools, and resources for building resilience. This plan update will conduct community wide engagement around social resilience and priority climate resilience projects. The community engagement process is to lead to the selection of a Seed Project that is to be implemented in later phases.The MVP program is run by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EEA).