Current Planning Department Projects

Comprehensive Plan: The Town is updating its Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a community's general "blueprint" for its future, guiding regulatory changes, land use policies, budgeting decisions, and the rest of the community decision making. It can help to direct decision making on the community's long-term physical development over a period of decades or even generations. Montague's Comprehensive Plan aims to address its future through recommendations regarding land use, housing, economic development, natural & cultural resources, climate change & resiliency, parks & open space, community services & facilities/utilities, transportation, and implementation of the Plan.

Shea Mural Project: The Town in partnership with Common Wealth Murals seeks an experienced muralist to paint a 3,000 square foot mural on a wall of the Shea Theater Arts Center, located at 71 Avenue A in Turners Falls. The mural will function as a gateway, with the goal to further advance the village as a creative community that encourages residents and visitors, alike to visit downtown.

Digital Equity Plan: The Town seeks to understand how our community can best ensure that all its residents have fair and equal access to digital technologies–including the internet, computers, and mobile phones–as well as the skills and knowledge to effectively use them. Together, we will explore how we can work together to outline a path for closing the digital divide and achieve digital equity.

Montague City Village Center Study: The Town is exploring potenial land uses and activities for the former Farren Care Center, a 8-acre site, located at 340 Montague City Road, as well as, seeing how it may fit in with the surrounding neighborhood and its connections, be it by foot, bicycle, wheelchair, FRTA bus, or car. The study also includes a residential and commercial market feasibility study.

MVP 2.0: The Town is revisiting its climate resilience priorities with a focus on equity and to translate those priorities into action through project development and implementation. Through the MVP 2.0 process, the Town of Montague, in collaboration with community members, will provide a greater focus on building social resilience by exploring the factors that create vulnerability or resilience for people living or working in our community. The MVP 2.0 process is designed to be completed over two years, knowing that it takes time to build new relationships, expand the involvement of the broader community, and work together to develop and implement a project.