CWF Projects

CWF Active/Ongoing Projects

(updated Feb 2024)
  1. Industrial Blvd Pump Station Rehab (Funded by RST Development Grant for $169,000)
  2. Screw Pump Replacement and Cooresponding Building and Wet Well Rehabilitation (Funded by USDA RD Grant/Loan Program for $2.5M) 
  3. Aeration Blowers and Fine Bubble Diffusers (Funded by DEP GAPII and GAPIII for $325,000 , and Enterprise Funded Match for $145,735)
  4. Main Generator and Transfer Switch Replacement (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $310,544, and State of MA for $100,000)
  5. Operations Building Fuel Oil Boiler and Apertununces Conversion/Replacement (Funded by ARPA for $112,000)
  6. G St and J St Pump Station Generator Replacements (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $95,000)
  7. Biosolids Management Composting/Dryer Study (Funded by RST Development Grant for $150,000)
  8. Local Limits Study for Industrial Pretreatment Management (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $60,000)
  9. Septage Recieving Station Upgrades (Funded by ARPA for $264,000)
  10. Operations Building HVAC Stabilization Repairs (Funded by Enterprise Fund's main operating budget) 
  11. Bike Path Sign at Intersection of Rail Trail and Facility Driveway (Funded by Enterprise Fund for 
  12. Hydroelectric Power Feasability Study (pending funding through energy grant application)
  13. Pending: Montague Center Pump Station Rehabilitation (pending Town Meeting Approval at ATM)

CWF Past/Completed Projects

  1. Chlorination Conversion Upgrades (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $
  2. Admin Building Underground Storage Tank Removal (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $ )
  3. Admin Building Mural (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $3,500)
  4. Biosolids Dewatering Screw Press (Funded by Enterprise Fund for $ )
  5. Rough Terrain Vehicle with Sand/Salt Spreader (Funded by ARPA for $25,000)
  6. Ford Transit Van EV and Charging Station (Funded by --- for $68,000)