Real Estate & Personal Property Abatements

To file for an abatement you must file an abatement application in writing on an approved form with the Board of Assessors. You may apply for an abatement if you believe your property is valued at more than its fair cash value, is not assessed fairly in comparison with other properties, or if a classified tax system is used locally, is not properly classified. The filing deadline for an abatement application is April 1.

Abatement applications are not valid if submitted prior to the mailing of the Actual Tax Bill. If you are unsure when abatement applications are due please contact the Assessors’ office (413) 863-3200 Ext. 204.

Applications are timely filed when (1) received by the assessors on or before the filing deadline, or (2) mailed by United States mail, first class postage prepaid, to the proper address of the assessors, on or before the filing deadline, as shown by a postmark made by the United States Postal Service. If your application is not timely filed, the assessors cannot by law grant an abatement.