Trash & Barrel Stickers

How to Single-Use Trash Stickers

Trash stickers cost $3 each. One sticker must be placed on any trash bag placed at curbside. Only bags with stickers will be collected. If using a barrel, the sticker must be placed on the very top bag inside the barrel (one sticker for whatever is in the barrel). Weight cannot exceed 50 pounds and no yard waste or hazardous materials can be disposed of in the barrel. Trash must be out on curb no later than 5:30AM the day of your scheduled pick up.

Barrel Stickers

A 6-month barrel sticker is available for the time periods of January 1 to June 30 and July 1 to December 31. Each 6-month sticker costs $78.00 (which is the equivalent of buying one sticker a week). These barrel stickers can only be purchased at the Town Hall - Tax Collectors office.

Where to Buy Stickers

  • Town Hall, 1 Avenue A, Turners Falls
  • Montague Village Store, 60 Main St., Montague Center
  • Carroll's Super Market, 32 East Main St., Millers Falls
  • Scotty's, 106 High St., Turners Falls
  • Nouria, Third Street, Turners Falls
  • Cumberland Farms, Montague City Road, Turners Falls
  • Food City, Avenue A, Turners Falls