While we try to minimize the amount of snow that gets plowed into driveways, clearing driveway openings is the responsibility of the property owner.

Plows cannot be lifted as we pass by a driveway. Our advice is to realize that snow will be plowed into driveways as we perform curb-to-curb plowing. You may wish to clear your driveway several times during the storm or wait until the storm and plowing activities have concluded. Shoveling snow back into the street when clearing driveways and sidewalks is prohibited by town by-laws Article 17a thru17c as printed below.


In accordance with the by laws of the Town of Montague ATRICLE IV Section 17a thru 17c

Section 17a: The Selectmen shall cause snow and ice to be removed from the sidewalks abutting all Town property. Such sidewalks shall be sanded for reasonable safe passage by pedestrians.

Section 17b: The owner of any estate abutting upon any way within the Town where there is a sidewalk shall within twenty-four hours after ceasing to fall or form, or the accumulation of any other cause, of any snow, ice or sleet upon said side walk, cause the same to be removed there from, and if the same cannot be wholly removed shall sprinkle thereon sand or other substance so that such sidewalk shall be safe for travel.

Section 17c: No person shall remove or cause to be removed snow or ice from any privately owned premises and deposit it on any way, sidewalk or public parking place.