Absentee Ballots

You may vote by absentee ballot if:

  1. You will be absent from Montague on election day
  2. You have a physical disability that prevents your voting at the polling place
  3. You cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs.

How can you apply for an absentee ballot?

  1. You may apply in writing to the Town Clerk’s Office. State that you are asking for an absentee ballot and include your name and your voting address. State where you would like the ballot sent. If it is a primary, state which party ballot you want. Make sure you sign the letter or the note and mail to the Town Clerk’s Office.
  2. You may ask for an absentee ballot application to be mailed to you from the Town Clerk’s Office. Please call 863-3200, ext 203 and we will send you an application.
  3. You can also download an absentee ballot application, fill it out and send it to the Town Clerk’s Office.
  4. Click on the link below to download an absentee ballot for yourself or a family member.


There is a cut off date to request an absentee application. Applications for an absentee ballot must be received by 12:00 noon the last business day prior to an election.

Once the application or request is completed send to:

Montague Town Clerk
One Avenue A
Turners Falls, MA 01376

Your ballot will come with instructions and a return envelope. Make sure that your completed absentee ballot is returned to the Town Clerk NOT your polling place.

To be counted, your completed ballot must be received in the Town Clerk’s Office by the time the polls close on Election Day.