Town Meeting and Procedures

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Town Meeting

Town Meeting is the legislative body of Montague where all spending and changes to the Town By-laws and Zoning By-laws must be approved by Montague Town Meeting Members. Montague is Representative Government and has 126 elected town meeting members that make up the legislative body who do the voting. The Annual Town Meeting is always the first Saturday in May. There may be Special Town Meetings scheduled as needed throughout the fiscal year.

Notice of Town Meeting is given by posting the Warrant on the Town's website, at Town Hall, and in all 3 Libraries and in all 3 Post Offices in Montague as determined by Montague’s Town By-Laws. The warrant must be posted at least 7 days prior the Annual Town Meeting and 14 days prior to any Special Town Meeting.

Representative town meeting shall be open to the public. Any registered voter of the Town who is not a town meeting member, subject to such conditions as the town meeting members may determine, may speak at least once upon any matter at such a meeting, but shall have no vote.