Parking Violations

Parking violations are issued by the Montague Police Department. These fines range from $10.00 to $50.00 depending on the nature of the offense.

  1. Overtime parking $20.00
  2. Parking in a prohibited area $20.00
  3. Impeding snow/ice removal $20.00
  4. Parking to obstruct highway/loading area $20.00
  5. Parking on a tree belt $20.00
  6. Parking to near corner $20.00
  7. Parking left wheels to curb $20.00
  8. Parking in excess of one (1) foot from curb $20.00
  9. Parking in violation of winter ban $20.00
  10. Parking in tow away zone $20.00
  11. Other parking violation $20.00
  12. Parking on a sidewalk/crosswalk $50.00
  13. Parking within a fire lane $50.00
  14. Parking within ten (10) feet of a hydrant $50.00
  15. Parking in a handicapped space $50.00

The notice may be returned by mail, personally or by an authorized person.

Parking fines double after 21 days from the date of issue. A hearing may be obtained upon written request within 21 days by the registered owner; failure to obey the notice within 21 days after date of violation may result in the non-renewal of the license or registration certificate (G.L. Chap. 90 Sec 20A as amended).

Mail fines to Treasurer / Collectors office, 1 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376.

For more information, call the Montague Police Department non-emergency number 413-863-8911.