Turners Falls Municipal Airport

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Bryan Camden, Manager (cell - 978-305-2452)


10 Aviation Way (Offices Only)
1 Avenue A (Mailing Only)
Turners Falls, MA 01376

Office Phone:

(413) 863-0044


Manager Office Hours: Monday and Friday 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Airport Operations Office: 7 Days- 9AM-5PM

Please call or e-mail (click on name above) to make an appointment for other days or times.

Pioneer Aviation (FBO)

Fuel 100LL- $5.75 (05/12/2024) 978-305-2452 24-Hour CTC

Fuel Jet-A- $7.55 (05/12/2024) Portable Cart System

Flight Training- Fly Pioneer Valley 413-824-7122

Aircraft Maintenance- R. B. Gray Maintenance- 413-531-4201

Hangar Day Rate- $40 Single Engine, $50 Helicopter

Helicopter Pad- $42.50 / Night + Hangar Day Rate

Tie Down- Single Engine $50 / MO, Multi Engine $125 / MO

Duties & Responsibilities

The Turners Falls Municipal Airport is recognized as an integral component of the transportation infrastructure of the Northern Tier of Massachusetts.

The mission of the Town of Montague Airport Commission is to support and promote the use of the Airport to aviation and non-aviation users as a multi-modal transportation portal, a corporate and general aviation facility, an access for tourism and an educational resource in support of the region’s corporate and industrial base while increasing the Airport’s self-sufficiency, maximizing safety for the Airport users and neighbors and minimizing adverse environmental impacts.