DPW Building Design and Construction

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The Town of Montague's Public Works Facility Building Committee hired its Owner's Project Manager, Construction Monitoring Services (CMS) in October 2018 and its Designer, Helene Karl Architects, in January 2019, in accordance with state procurement requirements.

Bidding for this project was completed on June 20, 2019 and the Montague Selectboard moved on July 1, 2019 to award the construction project to BW Construction, Inc. of Spencer MA for a sum of $7,663,893. The project has thus far proceeded on-schedule and on-budget. In addition to the main DPW building, the facility includes a salt shed and fueling station for Town vehicles.

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project achieved substantial completion in October 2020 and became the operating headquarters on the Montague DPW in November 2020. The project was completed for a cost of approximately $9.86M, approximately $1.24M under budget.

A Moment to Express Our Sincere Gratitude

We wish to thank Pete and Ben Whittaker of BWC Construction, Neil Joyce and Roger Hoyt of CMS, and Gregg Yanchenko and Michael Vianna of HKA, for their integrity and commitment to quality, as well as their outstanding collaboration on this project.

We also want to appreciate and recognize Town staff, most notably including Tom Bergeron, Steven Ellis, Walter Ramsey, and Chris Rice, as well as Chief John Zellmann and David Zamojski of the Turners Falls Fire District for their efforts to ensure a successful project.

Further, we wish to recognize the contributions of the members of the many boards and committees that helped shape the project, and offer sincere thanks to Town Meeting and the voting public, who saw fit to make this strategic investment in our community's infrastructure. It will serve us well for decades to come, ensuring better and more efficient service and public safety in our community.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we wish to recognize the Montague Public Works Facility Building Committee, which offered truly extraordinary service through the many years it took to conceptualize, fund, design, and build this truly remarkable new asset for the Town of Montague. Members are as follow:

Ken Morin, Chair

David Jensen, Co-Chair

Jason Burbank

Jay DiPuchio

Ariel Elan

Mark Fairbrother

Pam Hanold

Bob Macewicz

Mark Williams

John Hanold (Finance Committee Liaison)